On November 13th 2005, in its 14th meeting , the Municipality of Sombor has reached the decision on founding the „Parking Service Sombor“, Sombor, a Public Utility Company. The company has been established as a Public utility company and has been assigned activities of managing, employing and maintaining public spaces for parking on the territory of the Municipality of Sombor. It is also in charge of towing illegally parked vehicles and of storing them. The goal of the company is modernization and development of the culture of parking within the territory that belongs to the Municipality of Sombor.

The company has been registered in the Serbian Business Registers Agency on January 25th 2006 with the following main activity: services in inland traffic. It started its work on February 1st, when the company employed a well-designed education and media presentations to introduce its users to the new systems of parking control and parking payment. During the same year, the PUC „Parking Service Sombor“ implemented the information system for control and parking payment system, which provided the users with the possibility of parking payment by mobile phones. The implementation of the start-stop system in 2012 provided the users with the new service of paying for a parking space by using the web portal.
The PUC „Parking Service Sombor“ Sombor has implemented numerous activities related to marketing and education, for example „Reserved for junior pupils“, „Free parking for pregnant women“ etc.

The PUC is the member of the Association of Serbian Parking Services.

The quality of the services and the market are not only in charge of the management, but of all the employees. By introducing the standard, the management system quality SRPS ISO 90001, the PUC „Parking Service Sombor“ Sombor is permanently developing its business activities.

Documents: Incorporation Act PUC