Red parking ticket

Price: 37,00 RSD/hour

SMS – 9251


  • Mite Popovića,
  • Njegoševa,
  • Vasilija Kovačića,
  • Mirna (2 places reserved for “Vera Gucunja” preschool),
  • Avrama Mrazovića,
  • Čitaonička,
  • Venac Vojvode Radomira Putnika,
  • Venac Vojvode Petra Bojovića,
  • Sonje Marinković (from Venac Vojvode Stepe Stepanovića to the vehicle entrance into the “Stari fijaker” restaurant),
  • Vojvođanska (in front of the “Lepotica” buiding)

Parking charge in Zone I applies from Monday to Friday, 7.00 till 20.00, Saturday from 7.00 till 13.00. Parking on Sunday and public holidays is free.

Parking time in Zone I is not restricted.